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Filling the knowledge gap is the best way to instill confidence, maximize opportunities and mitigate risks. Step into a new era of well-informed decision-making and puzzle solving, leveraging the Data Science potential.

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Arthur Geeraerd
Sales & Relations specialist
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Troople provides objectives & comprehensive intelligence using advanced AI technologies.

We empower businesses and decision-makers to make informed strategic decisions, optimize operations, and drive growth in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Our focus on data marketing, intelligent automation, and visualization enables us to value untapped data, decode complex information sets and present actionable insights for our clients' success.

You're a step away from pioneering AI-driven solutions for you business. Connect with us!

Our field of work

From strategy to

Our dynamic process integrates with your business needs, ensuring alignment and excellence. Operating in agile iterations, we believe in continuous collaboration to deliver optimal results.


Elevating your data marketing


Data Maturity Audit

Assessing and enhancing data infrastructure

AI Integration

Embracing the power of AI for decision-making

Data Source Strategy

Devising robust strategies for data gathering


Expanding datasets through online data extraction

Data Source Integration

Connecting multiple data sources for a holistic view


Unleashing Your Intelligent Automation


Statistical Analysis

Extracting insights through advanced statistics

Process Automation

Streamlining operations through automation

Machine Learning and AI Applications

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies


Decoding & Visualizing Your Data


Business Solutions

Devising innovative strategies for business success

Lead Acquisition

Optimizing lead acquisition strategies

Data Strategy Formulation

Developing comprehensive data strategies

Data Visualization

Converting complex data into easily understandable formats

Reporting and Implementation

Producing insightful reports and facilitating application development

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  • Microsoft Azure //
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  • Large language models //
  • Geographic information system data //
  • Images and video //
  • Signal data //
  • Natural language processing //
  • Networks //
Our mission's updates

Achieving your full potential starts with gathering valuable insights through data science, as most data could never be reached in any other way.

Case 001 - Fieldkaired

Automatic invoice reading & recording.

We designed and implemented an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution capable of scanning and interpreting invoices efficiently. This system, deployed on a cloud platform, has dramatically streamlined invoice management operations. As part of this process, we established a comprehensive data architecture to collect , manage and parse the acquired data effectively. Furthermore, we leveraged this data to extract insightful information, transforming seemingly ordinary invoices into valuable resources for business intelligence and decision-making.

November 2022
- Present
Mission in

Case 002 - Allyum

Driving Business Efficiency through Process Automation & Intelligent Lead Generation

We specialize in the strategic implementation of process automation, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and innovative lead generation techniques. By automating repetitive tasks, we significantly increase operational efficiency. Our utilization of NLP enhances interactions and communication, allowing for a more nuanced understanding of data. Furthermore, our lead generation solutions are tailored to identify and attract the most promising potential customers, thus maximizing conversion rates and business growth.

April 2023
- May 2023
Deep dive Faq

Answers to your burning questions.

Our dynamic process integrates with your business needs, ensuring alignment and excellence. Operating in agile iterations, we believe in continuous collaboration to deliver optimal results.

Question 001

How do you utilize AI to derive insights ?

We employ advanced statistical techniques, machine learning, and AI methodologies to extract insights, build predictive models, and automate systems. We also use data visualization to convert complex data into intuitive, easily digestible formats.

Question 002

How does your process ensure alignment with our needs ?

Our process is executed in agile iterations, promoting continuous collaboration with our clients. Our journey typically begins with a Proof of Concept (PoC), which is designed to deliver maximum value with minimal resources and serves as a solid foundation for more customized solutions.

Question 003

What specific areas in our business could benefit most from the application of AI ?

AI can greatly enhance areas like customer service, sales and marketing, operations and logistics, HR management, and decision-making processes by automating tasks, personalizing customer interaction, optimizing logistics, streamlining hiring, and enabling data-driven decisions. Contact us at to identify exactly how data can help you !