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Filling the knowledge gap is the best way to instill confidence, maximize opportunities and mitigate risks. Step into a new era of well-informed decision-making and puzzle solving, leveraging the Data Science potential.

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Arthur Geeraerd
Sales & Relations specialist
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Troople provides objectives & comprehensive intelligence using advanced AI technologies.

We empower businesses and decision-makers to make informed strategic decisions, optimize operations, and drive growth in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Our focus on data marketing, intelligent automation, and visualization enables us to value untapped data, decode complex information sets and present actionable insights for our clients' success.

You're a step away from pioneering AI-driven solutions for your business.

Our field of work

From strategy to

Our dynamic process integrates with your business needs, ensuring alignment and excellence. Operating in agile iterations, we believe in continuous collaboration to deliver optimal results.


Discover AI


Brainstorming Sessions

Facilitate a comprehensive ideation process to understand your specific needs

Data Maturity Audit

Assess and enhance your data infrastructure to support advanced analytics

AI Integration

Harness the transformative power of AI to optimize decision-making processes

Reporting and Implementation

Generate insightful reports and facilitate the development of tailored applications

Data Strategy Formulation

Develop and implement robust data strategies that align with business objectives


Try AI


PoC Implementation

Evaluate performance and value addition with a fully functional Proof of Concept

ROI Estimation

Quantify the potential return on investment for AI projects through detailed test cases

Feasibility Report

Determine the feasibility of AI solutions, considering legal, technical, temporal, and operational dimensions

Machine Learning and AI Application

Utilize state-of-the-art technologies to solve complex business problems

AI Adoption Readiness

Assess organizational readiness to integrate and scale AI solutions effectively


Adopt AI



Implement AI solutions based on insights and feedback derived from the Proof of Concept

Cloud System

Leverage cloud technologies for a powerful, scalable, and easy-to-deploy AI infrastructure

Business Solution

Craft innovative strategies that integrate AI to drive business success

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Provide continuous support and maintenance to ensure the effective operation and optimization of AI systems

AI Governance and Ethics

Establish comprehensive governance frameworks and ethical guidelines for responsible AI usage

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Our mission's updates

Achieving your full potential starts with gathering valuable insights through data science, as most data could never be reached in any other way.

Case 001

ERP: Automatic invoice reading & recording.

Our feasibility audit involved the integration of AI cloud modules hosted on Microsoft Azure, specifically tailored for an ERP application in the agricultural sector. The project encompassed the development of a sophisticated data warehouse and the implementation of OCR technology, alongside robust backend logic that supports both web and mobile applications. This integration enhances data processing and accessibility, leading to improved operational efficiencies and better decision-making.

November 2022
- Present
Mission in

Case 002

M&A sector: Driving Business Efficiency through Process Automation & Intelligent Lead Generation

We executed a detailed feasibility analysis for an innovative solution using natural language processing to foster strategic alliances between companies and investment funds. Our technology identifies potential synergies and investment opportunities by analyzing textual descriptions of company operations and investment fund criteria. This initiative resulted in the creation of a bespoke match-making tool that aids clients in navigating complex investment landscapes more efficiently.

April 2023
- May 2023

Case 003

Legal Sector: Revolutionizing Legal Processes with AI-Driven Solutions"

In partnership with a distinguished law firm, we successfully are integrating advanced artificial intelligence modules designed to revolutionize their legal processes. Our innovative solutions include a sophisticated tool that assists in drafting precise legal conclusions, complemented by a robust client management system that enhances the intake and ongoing management of new clients. These technologies have been tailored to increase accuracy and efficiency, thereby reducing time spent on routine tasks and allowing lawyers to focus on more strategic aspects of their work.

Mai 2024
- Present

Case 004

Real Estate and Asset Management: Optimizing Real Estate Operations through Automated Data Management

We addressed the challenges faced by a prominent real estate investment company, which struggled with interdepartmental communication and prevalent data redundancy. By implementing a comprehensive automated database management system, we streamlined data processes and enhanced information flow across departments. This solution not only reduces the effort required for data entry but also eliminates redundancies, thereby boosting productivity and facilitating faster decision-making.


Case 005

Real Estate Development Sector: Streamlining Property Development with Automated Administrative Systems

Our preliminary study for a leading property development firm focused on significantly reducing the administrative burden through automation. We proposed an integrated system that handles the storage and management of emails and attachments, intelligent routing of communications, and a powerful semantic search tool. This tool allows for quick and effective searches across a variety of documents, improving efficiency and responsiveness in handling client needs and project requirements.

February 2024
- June 2024

Case 006

Digital Marketing Sector: Enhancing Digital Marketing Strategies with AI-Powered Sentiment Analysis

For a software developer serving global retail brands, we conducted an in-depth pre-study that explored the use of generative AI models. Our findings led to the implementation of an automated sentiment analysis system, specifically designed to refine search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and enhance the in-store customer experience. This system provides valuable insights into customer sentiments and trends, enabling brands to tailor their marketing strategies more effectively and improve customer engagement.

February 2024
- Present

Case 007

HRIS Sector: Transforming HR Operations with AI-Enhanced Document and Schedule Management

In our comprehensive maturity audit and pre-study, we explored the integration of artificial intelligence into an HR software application. The enhancements include advanced features for the detection of false documents and automated tools for creating and optimizing constrained schedules. These innovations streamline HR processes, reduce the potential for human error, and improve compliance with regulatory requirements, thereby increasing the overall effectiveness of HR operations.

June 2024
- Present
Deep dive Faq

Answers to your burning questions.

Our dynamic process integrates with your business needs, ensuring alignment and excellence. Operating in agile iterations, we believe in continuous collaboration to deliver optimal results.

Question 001

How do you utilize AI to derive insights ?

We employ advanced statistical techniques, machine learning, and AI methodologies to extract insights, build predictive models, and automate systems. We also use data visualization to convert complex data into intuitive, easily digestible formats.

Question 002

How does your process ensure alignment with our needs ?

Our process is executed in agile iterations, promoting continuous collaboration with our clients. Our journey typically begins with a Proof of Concept (PoC), which is designed to deliver maximum value with minimal resources and serves as a solid foundation for more customized solutions.

Question 003

What specific areas in our business could benefit most from the application of AI ?

AI can greatly enhance areas like customer service, sales and marketing, operations and logistics, HR management, and decision-making processes by automating tasks, personalizing customer interaction, optimizing logistics, streamlining hiring, and enabling data-driven decisions. Contact us at to identify exactly how data can help you !